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Collaboration, Digital Collage, Photoshop, April 2024

This project, Awfully Beautiful, Beautifully Awful, was to create a set of collages consisting of at least one historical painting and document incorporated within,
and some connected message or element between the images. A balance of around 80% found elements to around 20% original painting was desired.

Works included in Collaboration include: Georgia O’Keeffe-Red Hills and Bones, Jan Asselijin-The Threatened Swan, Shiela Savage-1904 Vintage Deer Painting, Francisco de Zurbaran-Lamb of God, Albrecht Durer-Hare,
William Trost Richard-Forest Scene, Sir Anthony van Dyke-Elizabeth and Philadelphia Wharton, Vincent Hie-Boa Constrictor, Jeanne Cremer-White Petunias with Blue Background, and Bruno Liljefors-Cat and Bird.