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Collectables, Oil paint on 6"x4" postcards, Fall 2023

This project was a test of speed and accuracy- create 10 reproductions of famous paintings on a small scale within a time span of 3 weeks.
This assignment was pretty open as to what pieces could be chosen, however, one postcard must be of a non-representational work, one of a representational work, one of an abstract piece, and one with multiple figures

Recreated pieces: Hokusai-Asakusa Hongangi temple in the Eastern Capitol, Paul Cezanne-Apples, Fernando Botero-The Cat, Wang Ximeng-One Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains, Wassily Kandinsky-Points,
Mirko Hanák-Hare, Francisco Goya-El Naufragio, Hans Hoffman-Terpsichore, Van Gogh-Starry Night over the Rhône, J.M.W. Turner-The Slave Ship,